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Posted: 2004/12/08 05:34:10
by donavan
Is this catagory and sub forum even worth having?

Re: Hello

Posted: 2004/12/20 12:45:18
by hughesjr
I can't vote in the poll ... the error that falshes is:

[b]Topic Not Selected[/b] ... then back to the poll page.

I'm using Firefox 1.0 on Linux.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2004/12/21 03:45:56
by donavan
perhaps I have blocked your vote :-D

or I have another little permissions issue....I'll get right on it

Re: Hello

Posted: 2004/12/23 07:02:36
by donavan

I have discovered that there is an issue with the newbb v2 forums software and the xoops polls module. As of yet, NO solution has been found.

I asked the manager of the forums to disable the polls across all forums. I believe front page poll would still work if the need arises.


Re: Hello

Posted: 2004/12/26 03:51:44
by mattboston
Sure, but maybe change it to Open Forum instead of limiting it to Politics