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Ah Fedora, you've done it again

Posted: 2010/04/11 20:51:31
by scottro
Might be worth mentioning, since, for all we know, this might get into RHEL6.

For a little while, the developers of the GUI package tool, packagekit, were allowing users to install signed software without root (or any other) privilege. It slipped in under the radar, as most of the other developers either use yum, or were working with rawhide, which is often full of unsigned packages.

So, after a bug that received more votes than other in Fedora history (4858 to be exact), (see, recently someone posted a new bug. Now, although one needs root privilege to install a new package, updating existing packages can be done by anyone.

I suspect this one will, like the last one, make it to slashdot and distrowatch.. One has to congratulate Fedora. They've finally taken it a step further than Apple or Windows, both of which require an admin account to do this.

(Hums song from childhood) "When will they ever learn....When will they everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr learn?"