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Starting with DNS

Posted: 2010/03/21 12:05:19
by DoubleDecaf
Hi Everyone,

After completing my RHCT I am now jumping ahead before attending the course and starting to look at bind/dns. It is something I understand for the most part, just my implementation knowledge is less than zero.

I have googled, but there seem to be few good guides that take you from a to b, but don't use several hundred pages or conversely someone has posted a page that looks like crib notes!

I did try and follow the centos docs, starting with a caching name server but even that doesn't seem to work. I am also aware that RH/Centos has a slightly different implementation of BIND from what I read.

Can anyone offer me a good place to start. I understand the theory fine, its just my implementation sucks. It's like I am 45% of the way there, if you know what I mean.



Starting with DNS

Posted: 2010/03/21 15:59:04
by AlanBartlett
As this is not a [i]CentOS[/i] support question, it is being moved to the [i]Social[/i] forum.

I performed a quick [i]Google[/i] search using the string [i]"BIND RHEL5.4"[/i] and the most relevant link was that to [url=]Chapter 17[/url] of [url=]TUV[/url]'s [url=]RHEL 5.4 Deployment Guide[/url]. That should be the starting point for your latest quest.

Good luck with your experimentation. :-)

Re: Starting with DNS

Posted: 2010/03/22 23:20:30
by milosb
Like [b]Alan[/b] said, you can resort to RHEL Deployment Guide, but you can also try setting up your first functioning BIND server with the help of [b]O'Reilly Media's "DNS & BIND"[/b].
It helped me learn how to setup BIND for the first time and understand how the whole thing works.

BTW, basic understanding of BIND and DNS is just the beginning - there is a lot more to it.