Introducing ConVirt 2.0 !

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Introducing ConVirt 2.0 !

Post by jd_jedi » 2010/03/01 18:16:09


We are very pleased to introduce ConVirt 2.0 – the next major step up in open source virtualization management. The ConVirt 2.0 generation combines a flexible, open architecture, the highest level of management capabilities, and the industry’s most flexible pricing model. Built on a brand-new, 3-tier architecture, ConVirt 2.0 includes a highly interactive, web-based user interface, a new data repository, advanced automation, enterprise scalability, multi-user administration, a full suite of integration capabilities, and much more.

- ConVirt Team

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Introducing ConVirt 2.0 !

Post by AlanBartlett » 2010/03/01 18:23:27

As this is not [i]CentOS[/i] related, it will be moved to [i]Social[/i].

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