how to clean occupied uid

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how to clean occupied uid

Post by charliecao » 2023/01/17 09:57:37

it prompts "UID xxx is used before, force error for security reason" when I want to add an user with certain uid xxx,(the system needs this uid),and I checked /etc/passwd , no any user uses this uid.

So, how to clear completely used uid ,so I can use that uid.

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Re: how to clean occupied uid

Post by tunk » 2023/01/18 12:54:02

Command line or GUI?
IIRC UIDs<1000 are reserved for the system, so if
you use GUI, then it may have some built in checks.
Also check /etc/shadow.

(BTW, this isn't the correct forum section.)

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Re: how to clean occupied uid

Post by TrevorH » 2023/01/18 12:57:35

I'd start by finding out what uses it.

getent passwd xxx (for some numeric value of xxx)
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