how to install Provision ISR software "Ossia VMS"

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how to install Provision ISR software "Ossia VMS"

Post by Revhigh » 2021/01/12 09:58:51

Good Day all

I have a question I do hope someone can answer.

I built a new computer with Cent Os 7 GNOME Desktop on it to use for work and monitoring the companies staff via our camera system. I now need to install the camera's software to be able to monitor.

The cameras are the Provision kind and the software on their website is only for windows or mac based computers. Is there a way I could install either of the software types on my new Cent Os 7 computer. I really do not want to use Windows or Mac. I'm trying very hard to move away from those two types of operating Systems. This computer will not only be used for monitoring but will be used for other IT related work as well.

Im still a learner on Linux in general.

Please Help :-)

Kind regards

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Re: how to install Provision ISR software "Ossia VMS"

Post by TrevorH » 2021/01/12 19:16:44

So far as I can see from a quick look at their website, they only offer packages for Windows or MAC. Neither of those will run on linux.
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