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by cormander
2008/04/18 05:58:55
Forum: Website Problems
Topic: Security
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From the front page of [quote] makes use of a free SSL certificate program available from CAcert. The SSL certificates available from CAcert are built around an Identity Assurance Program that includes a Web Of Trust and Trusted Third Party identity verification processes. Unf...
by cormander
2008/04/18 05:54:09
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: Signature server
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Signature server

Are your mirror servers using yum to download updates autmoatically, and put them in the directory for further download?

If this is the case, just read the "man yum.conf" page and use the "exclude" option on your mirror's yum configurtion to ignore internet updates for that list of packages.
by cormander
2008/04/18 05:49:38
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: initrd's init script
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initrd's init script

The default initrd uses nash because it's small and does the job of loading modules, mounting filesystems, after which the kernel executes the real /sbin/init. You can put any executable you want in it's place, even a full fledged version of bash (either compiled static, or with all the correct libs...
by cormander
2008/02/12 01:58:18
Forum: CentOS 5 - Security Support
Topic: Remote Exploit
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Re: Remote Exploit

Hi all, I about fell out of my chair when I saw this thing spring up. I manage a few shell "gateway" servers with many non-root users on them, with a CentOS 5 machine. I then took a deep breath after the exploit didn't work on my machines :) I'm using grsecurity-2.1.11, built with the kern...
by cormander
2007/11/14 05:36:32
Forum: CentOS 5 - Miscellaneous Questions
Topic: What is CentOS's redistribution policy?
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What is CentOS's redistribution policy?

Hello, I've done RHEL / CentOS kickstart builds for a while, and finally decided to make a customized linux distribution based off of CentOS 5 for the control panel project I've been working on for the past few years. Basically an ISO image to burn to a CD to autoinstall the OS with everything neede...
by cormander
2006/03/14 03:30:07
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: LDAP and qmail (or dovecot)
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LDAP and qmail (or dovecot)

As far as I know dovecot on CentOS is built with the --with-ldap option, and support for it is pretty good. Dovecot isn't an MTA, it's a POP3/IMAP server. Just to keep terminology straight. I use it as the currently only supported pop3/imap server in my project RavenCore, and I believe it to be quit...
by cormander
2006/03/14 03:25:29
Forum: CentOS 4 - General Support
Topic: apache chewing up resources
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Re: apache chewing up resources

Are you running a shared server or is your website(s) the only things running on the system? The reason I ask is because php (and other scripting languages) has a few things like mysql_pconnect, which if not closed specifically, they stay open. And if the script is called 100 times a day, you'll fin...
by cormander
2006/03/14 03:18:29
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: vsftpd login issue
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Re: vsftpd login issue

You seem to be missing this line in the vsftpd.conf file: pam_service_name=vsftpd Also, make sure you have this file: /etc/pam.d/vsftpd it contains [code] #%PAM-1.0 auth required item=user sense=deny file=/etc/vsftpd.ftpusers onerr=succeed auth required service=system-au...
by cormander
2006/03/14 03:14:35
Forum: CentOS 4 - General Support
Topic: Up2date
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What command(s) are you using to check for updates?

And what command or place on the screen indicates that updates are available when you reboot?
by cormander
2006/03/14 03:12:22
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: Sendmail problem
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Sendmail problem

Sendmail has a primitive virtual user table implementation, meaning sales@onedomain goes to sales, but if you want sales@anotherdomain to go to a DIFFERENT inbox, yo have to map it to another unix user, say, sales2 I suggest you use postfix instead. An easy automated setup for postfix and virtual ma...

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