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by JoseKreif
2015/10/06 00:10:58
Forum: CentOS 6 - General Support
Topic: Upgrade or Change Distro, whilst keeping all data
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Upgrade or Change Distro, whilst keeping all data

This may be a newbie question, but I got a CentOS 6.6 32bit set up in Virtual Box. I want to either upgrade it to Centos 7 64bit or switch it over to the latest version of OpenSUSE. Beings this is all on a virtual box, my main concern is not just getting an updated Distro. Because I can just install...
by JoseKreif
2015/07/31 15:16:36
Forum: CentOS 5 - Security Support
Topic: SSH without Password - FAIL
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SSH without Password - FAIL

So I've been at this for hours and doing all the web searching and researching I can, I just cannot get a fix. I've tried DSA, RSA, and Identity, all fail. The authorized_key and the .ssh directory have the correct permissions chmod 700 ~/.ssh chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys _______ Viewing manuall...

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