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by pwd
2020/01/05 23:26:28
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: My storry with C8 desktop
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Re: My storry with C8 desktop

Hi, in my opinion better distro for desktop is fedora, centos is more for servers. If you have experience with rpm, chkconfig (few years ago) this was natural way. On servers i install centos, but on desktop I'm using ferdora. For last 3-4 years one installation with regular upgrades, and it's worki...
by pwd
2020/01/04 15:37:37
Forum: CentOS 7 - General Support
Topic: centOS 7.7 and Python
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Re: centOS 7.7 and Python

try python3 instead of python
by pwd
2020/01/02 21:57:17
Forum: CentOS 7 - Software Support
Topic: [RESOLVED] KVM Boot Delay
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Re: KVM Boot Delay

maybe it's not the best solution, i would turn off autostart for all virtual machines and write script with virtsh start and sleep ;)
by pwd
2020/01/01 21:10:52
Forum: CentOS 7 - General Support
Topic: logging in doesn't wait for password
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Re: logging in doesn't wait for password

Press this keys

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login and undo your changes or restore from backup ;)
by pwd
2019/12/31 16:06:11
Forum: CentOS 8 - General Support
Topic: Log rotate for centralize rsyslog server
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Re: Log rotate for centralize rsyslog server

check option rotate in

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by pwd
2019/12/29 21:19:44
Forum: CentOS 6 - General Support
Topic: Network No such device
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Re: Network No such device

Are You sure that eth1 is proper newtork interface name?
Check all network interfaces with

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ifconfig -a
You can also try change network interface type in vmware configuration
by pwd
2018/02/06 07:25:58
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: CentOS labs
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Re: CentOS labs

Maybe in this link You will find something interesting ... t=itzgur6k
by pwd
2018/01/09 12:16:52
Forum: CentOS 7 - Networking Support
Topic: Samba problem
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Re: Samba problem

check logs, maybe domain server force some unsported authentication mode

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