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by mrmagoo
2020/09/18 17:13:20
Forum: CentOS 8 - General Support
Topic: VDO
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In the office we are dealing with serious storage problems, and, money problems, well, I discovered this technology and start with some lab before go for production, so, I made a new vm (cpu 2x2, 4GB ram, and one hd 40GB) I install Centos 8, installed somo utilities (sshd, bind-utils, etc), add 2 hd...
by mrmagoo
2014/10/31 17:28:59
Forum: CentOS 7 - Software Support
Topic: Samba+SSHFS
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Greatings to all Well my goal is to share a resource that i need to connetc to it using sshfs The sshfs conection works fine, on the terminal, but when the users try to get in to the shared folder they get access denied The sshfs command is executed on root account, for testing I make another user a...

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