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by tovar
2014/06/23 00:17:29
Forum: CentOS 5 - Server Support
Topic: basic webserver
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basic webserver

howto configure a basic webserver on centos 5.10 i386 ?
by tovar
2014/06/20 15:50:39
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: centos from usb
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centos from usb

Today I download CentOS-5.10-i386-bin-DVD-1of2.iso end I put it with unetbootin on a usbdisk 16GB big.
Why can i not install from a usbdisk? When i startup my laptop from a usbdisk, the software ask where is the centos dvd or cd?
It gaves me not the purpose to install from usbdisk.
by tovar
2014/04/06 19:00:08
Forum: CentOS 6 - Software Support
Topic: new centos installation
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new centos installation

What to type on the command line to update the system? Becaus yum update does not work on my fresh system. What need i to do after installation on the command line? I want to do : yum update but this doesnt work [root@localhost ~]# yum update loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from ...
by tovar
2013/01/22 11:48:32
Forum: CentOS 6 - General Support
Topic: ntsysv
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Re: ntsysv

I found out that messagebus. When it is switcht off, i get no ip adres and when is on i get one.
Now the question is, what do "messagebus" ?
by tovar
2013/01/21 22:30:08
Forum: CentOS 6 - General Support
Topic: setting up tigervnc
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Re: setting up tigervnc

After rebooting my system, i command "service vncserver start" the problem is solved.

Next problem is testing the system.

How do i install 'system-config-display' ?
maybe i need an extra mirror for this, but which and what are the commands to set up?
by tovar
2013/01/21 20:11:21
Forum: CentOS 6 - General Support
Topic: setting up tigervnc
Replies: 2
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setting up tigervnc


I did follow

how to create these files : mymachine.localnet:1.log passwd xstartup

and this is my problem:

[root@localhost .vnc]# service vncserver start
Starten van VNC server: no displays configured [ERROR]
[root@localhost .vnc]#

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