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by jwilliam
2009/08/29 19:09:55
Forum: CentOS 5 - Miscellaneous Questions
Topic: Network Traffic Monitoring Software
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Network Traffic Monitoring Software

I just upgraded my VPS to a dedicated server, but now I don't know how to keep track of my monthly bandwidth usage. Does anyone know of a tool in CentOS 5 or something I can install to monitor this? I know iptables can show the amount of network traffic, but it's not broken down by month... Thanks...
by jwilliam
2009/07/16 20:31:42
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: Can no longer start mysqld (version 5)
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Can no longer start mysqld (version 5)

I've been running mysql version 5.0.68 on centos 4 for several months now and all has been well, but suddenly the mysql daemon won't start. Here is the output from the log file: 090716 15:07:52 mysqld started 090716 15:07:52 [Warning] option 'max_join_size': unsigned value 18446744073709551615 adjus...

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