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by mallesh2820
2008/05/20 11:01:53
Forum: CentOS 5 - Server Support
Topic: squid 3.0
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squid 3.0

I configured squid 3.0 tar.gz its well i done.running good in my nerwork but the problem is all clients in my network access internet.... i gave access to only two ips i dont understand what happen...... my configuration is acl my_users src "/usr/local/squid/etc/user" http_access allow my_user where...
by mallesh2820
2008/05/16 07:33:27
Forum: CentOS 5 - Server Support
Topic: squid proxy server
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squid proxy server

hai to all iam using squid proxy server in my network its working fine.Now i want to make url filtering using squid I added a line in squid.conf on acl this acl dstdomain url_regex "etc/squid/blist" http_access deny dstdomain in blist file i entered etc...........
by mallesh2820
2008/05/15 05:05:35
Forum: CentOS 5 - Webhosting Support
Topic: thunderbird
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hai to all centos 5.1 is the proxy server in my network.the web mail server is the external server i can connect the mail server in my server with thunderbird and accessing mails.....and the problem is clients cannot access mails through thunderbird the error was "connection to the server is timed o...
by mallesh2820
2008/05/05 07:47:03
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: server running slow
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server running slow

iam new to centos 5.1. in my network centos using as a proxy works fine. suddenly it running slow.when we open a window it takes 10-15sec to open i dont no what was the problem pls any experts can reply me......thanks

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