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by billb3
2008/12/03 19:54:59
Forum: CentOS 4 - Networking Support
Topic: Ping not working for internet.
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Re: Ping not working for internet.

Just posted a similar issue here, did you fix this?
by billb3
2008/12/03 19:53:08
Forum: CentOS 4 - Networking Support
Topic: Ping through Firewall
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Ping through Firewall

Hello All, I'm hoping you can help with what is probably a simple issue, but I'm getting confused by readying more examples. I have a CentOS4 box that I am using as a firewall/gateway. It has 2 NICs, eth0 is the external NIC and eth1 is internal. Most of my boxes don't need internet access, so I don...
by billb3
2008/04/02 20:37:59
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: ./configure options for source packages
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./configure options for source packages

I'm trying to configure module for openldap from the contrib directory of its source package. To compile, I need libtool (which is generated from running ./configure). How to I find out what configure options the RPM used so I can match up? Thanks!

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