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by raymccoy
2020/01/18 07:39:50
Forum: CentOS 8 - General Support
Topic: Zabbix on CentOS 8
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Zabbix on CentOS 8


i just just installed centos 8 minimal. Then i tried to install zabbix like this: ... onitoring/ then i got messages about missing libssh2. So can you tell me what i have to do to fix this?

Better choose Debian Buster?
by raymccoy
2007/04/18 12:04:17
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: How install Xfce 4.4 on CentOS5??
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How install Xfce 4.4 on CentOS5??


can anybody make a small tutorial how to install Xfce 4.4 on CentOS 5?
I just installed CentOS the way described on ->The Perfect Setup - CentOS 5.0 (32-bit)
and now i want to have a graphical desktop which is small and quick
by raymccoy
2007/03/29 06:15:48
Forum: CentOS 4 - Webhosting Support
Topic: CentOS 5 Beta PHP seems to be compiled without mysql
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CentOS 5 Beta PHP seems to be compiled without mysql

Hello, i just installed CentOS 5 Beta in a vmware-environment. then i installed php via yum install php (which installs mysql also) and then yum install apache.
the apache works but the phpinfo says:


and i still get no connection to mysql with php.

So how can i solve this problem

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