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by lexan
2007/06/17 03:19:51
Forum: CentOS 4 - General Support
Topic: Forced X Login on fresh 4.5 Install
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Forced X Login on fresh 4.5 Install

I downloaded 4.5 64 DVD ISO and have installed it a few times. Everytime I install I select custom (instead of server/workstation) as I don't want it to install any packages by default. I then unchecked all the options including X from being installed except for compatibility arch. After installing ...
by lexan
2007/04/17 02:56:24
Forum: CentOS 5 - General Support
Topic: Redhat directory server
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Redhat directory server

Does CentOS 5 have a fully working version of RedHat Directory Server now, we are currenly looking at deploying a redundant LDAP deployment but I know there are a lot of issues with RedHat releasing the source for the directory server, but I am not sure if this is resolved in CentOS5/RHEL5. I tried ...
by lexan
2007/02/14 18:52:49
Forum: CentOS 4 - Miscellaneous Questions
Topic: Why CentOS?
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Why CentOS?

I am coming from FreeBSD/Debian onto CentOS and had some questions. How soon does CentOS release updates compared to RH release dates? Is there any subscription for updates or are they entirely community provided similar to Debian? What would be the biggest weakness of CentOS compared to RH? The big...

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