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by maddancer
2006/12/13 01:35:13
Forum: CentOS 4 - Hardware Support
Topic: Promise TX4310 Sata2 and CentOS 4.4
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Re: Promise TX4310 Sata2 and CentOS 4.4

The latest drivers on the Promise web site are for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 [b]UPDATE 2[/b]. Update 4 (CentOS 4.4) will not work dependably. You need to use CentOS 4.2 until Promise updates their drivers.
by maddancer
2006/08/30 01:55:30
Forum: CentOS 4 - Miscellaneous Questions
Topic: CentOS stuck after few hours
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Re: CentOS stuck after few hours

This exact thing just began with one of our RHEL4 boxes. CPU fan crapped out. It was spinning just fine, but because the bearings in the fan were worn, it was spinning slower than it needed to and wasn't moving enough air through the heatsink. And when it locks up, you'll get a cryptic error message...

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