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by EucD
2005/07/21 15:52:55
Forum: CentOS 4 - General Support
Topic: Centos 4.1 64 bit on Dell Pe1800 Dual Xeon
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Centos 4.1 64 bit on Dell Pe1800 Dual Xeon

Greetings. I installed Centos 4.1 on a Dell server. The installation went without any problem. The server boots up with some warning. #1: warning "microcde_ctl: no /dev/cpu/microcode does not exist?" solution: modprobe microcode, then start microcode_ctl. I did research online but could not find an ...
by EucD
2005/07/21 15:00:31
Forum: CentOS 4 - Hardware Support
Topic: USB Memory stick problem
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Re: USB Memory stick problem

I had the same problem on a Dell Pe1800 server running Centos 4.1 X86_64. It also had the same problem with mounting CD-ROMs. The culprit seems to be the gam_server in gamin package. Check the gamin package on your system, Centos 4.1 is gamin-0.0.17-4. To test if it is, plug in a removable media, um...

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