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by vima
2006/02/08 15:22:32
Forum: CentOS 4 - Webhosting Support
Topic: running php as user?
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running php as user?


what's de 'de facto standard' on running php scripts as user? I've heard of mod_suphp and suexec, are there other? I would like to resolve problem when users upload files and apache owns them, so their quota is not used.

by vima
2005/07/30 18:00:55
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: hosting control panels?
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hosting control panels?

Are you using any open-source control panel like virtualmin or ravencore? What do you think about them?
by vima
2005/07/10 17:30:46
Forum: CentOS 4 - Security Support
Topic: securing shell server
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securing shell server

Hi everyone I'm thinking of giving shell access to one virtual server for my irl/irc friends. Users would be using mainly IRC and mail. I'm asking about your thoughts about security; what should i do to make the server safe for users. I want to be able to notice when someone tries to write to forbid...

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