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by tobyjoe
2005/06/24 20:12:22
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: psad (kmsdg) and syslogd not communicating
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psad (kmsdg) and syslogd not communicating

I have bastille-firewall and psad running. For some reason, psad isn't finding the logged messages from syslogd. In syslog.conf, the is being piped to psadfifo. When I do an lsof on psadfifo, only kmsgd has a handle. Syslogd does not. I am running SELinux enabled, but I'm not getting any a...
by tobyjoe
2005/06/22 14:21:05
Forum: CentOS 4 - Server Support
Topic: PHP 5 in CentOS 4
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Re: PHP 5 in CentOS 4

I would disagree that PHP5 isn't production-ready. I've been using PHP5 in production for a year or so. Wiley just published a book I wrote on PHP5, actually :) I tend to recommend that PHP be compiled versus rpm'ed because there are so many options you will want to enable or disable depending on yo...
by tobyjoe
2005/06/04 17:45:03
Forum: CentOS 4 - Security Support
Topic: SELinux + ClamAV + FastCGI
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SELinux + ClamAV + FastCGI

I've been setting up a CentOS 4 box for the past couple of weeks, and have only had a couple of SELinux related problems thus far. Everything seems to be secured fairly well, and I like the additional security of SELinux. I'm trying to to get frustrated and, like so many others, disable it. The two ...

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