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by fkc
2021/12/10 09:22:33
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: Samba: permission denied
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Samba: permission denied

I have a server with a host and a Virtualbox VM. The host is running CentOS 7 and it is updated. Indeed the VM is running CentOS 5 and I know this OS is not supported by several years but I can't update it now. The alert of the problem is too generic and it's shown when I try to mount on the VM the ...
by fkc
2021/12/10 09:19:52
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: yum errors on CentOS 5
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yum errors on CentOS 5

I have a Virtualbox VM with CentOS 5 and I'm discovering problems using yum. I know that CentOS 5 is not supported by several years but I'm not prone to update the OS now. In particular I am having troubles in command like: yum update yum yum update yum install And the error that comes out always re...