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by nishabhabi01
2020/01/06 09:25:16
Forum: CentOS 7 - General Support
Topic: 403 Forbidden
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Re: 403 Forbidden

Title is self explanatory... I've been trying to comment on a thread and each time I try, it won't let me and says "An error occurred.. Reddit: 403 forbidden" ... I tried logging out and back in again, tried restarting my phone,tried it with wifi on and off... i have no idea what's going on. Anybody...
by nishabhabi01
2020/01/03 09:30:23
Forum: Website Problems
Topic: Stream iso unavailable
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Re: Stream iso unavailable

hello guys That's the message I get. I followed the instructions to the letter in the guide. The only console message I get is "streamlink starting" and then immediately "streamlink done" followed by the error message.I've look at the hosts file and it's all correct. Even pinged Anyo...

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