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by Simple
2019/08/14 13:54:08
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: When the CentOS 8 is available for Download ?
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Re: When the CentOS 8 is available for Download ?

According to a comment in the change log by Fabian Arrotin:

"QA is normally finished, and RC tree finished too. So we should have GA tree now composed."

I hope this means that the CentOS 8 GA release should be soon..
by Simple
2018/12/09 13:46:07
Forum: CentOS 7 - General Support
Topic: how to install VBoxLinuxAdditions?
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Re: how to install VBoxLinuxAdditions?

I use the below instruction to help install VirtualBox Guest Additions (reboot to ensure needed components are loaded): # yum install gcc make perl dkms kernel-devel kernel-headers Then install GuestAdditions, it is advisable to reboot after that. However, if you install the Centos minimal (no inter...

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