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by williamk7
2020/04/28 00:39:43
Forum: CentOS 8 - Networking Support
Topic: OpenVPN outgoing Traffic Being Blocked
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OpenVPN outgoing Traffic Being Blocked

Hi All, Setup an openvpn access server. Am using Routing rather than NAT for the VPN. With firewalld turned off everything works and routes as expected. Turn on the firewall and it breaks. In the logs I can see my packets being dropped: [root@openvpnas ~]$ dmesg | grep -i REJECT [ 298.700296] FINAL_...
by williamk7
2018/02/23 06:48:26
Forum: CentOS 7 - Security Support
Topic: tac_plus and PAM issue
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tac_plus and PAM issue

Hello, Am trying to get tac_plus from the NUX repo working with Active Directory. Authentication works fine with local accounts on CentOS server, but when I try to authenticate on a switch with an Active Directory account it will fail on the first two attempts but then succeed on the third attempt. ...

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