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by anros
2017/12/14 18:41:36
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Topic: What virtualization software do you use?
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Re: What virtualization software do you use?

Personally I use Kvmjons. It's what I was trained in, it's simple and reliable, but it's not as fully featured as some of the other products, but for a single host it's great.
by anros
2017/12/05 17:48:21
Forum: CentOS Social
Topic: Cisco VPN on CentOS
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Re: Cisco VPN on CentOS

I have read the CentOS is not officially suported, there are some requirements listed to check on Linux systems: Does the user in both cases have superuser privileges? Do the respective installation directories have the same ownership, read,...
by anros
2017/12/05 17:40:31
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Topic: How old are you? How long have you used CentOS?
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Re: How old are you? How long have you used CentOS?

I'm 32 years old. I recently changed to CentOS on a laptop. Before, I had been using Ubuntu, and also tried other Debian-based distributions like Elementary OS.
by anros
2017/12/05 17:21:31
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Topic: Hello Everyone
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Re: Hello Everyone

Hello !
I'm new also, but read this forum a long time

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